These Habits will Kill your Game in Bed

There is a fair share of bad habits that you may have picked over time that might eventually kill your sex game. I thought you should know them right away so that you can curb them before that happens. If you want to remain that adorable man to your lady, take note of habits that may make your great game in bed deteriorate with time.

Having too much on the go is going to kill your sex game. In other words, letting stress get to you and experiencing depression as a result puts your game on the back burner. When overwhelmed by stress, your mind tends to be occupied less by what is happening momentarily. What makes matters worse is having a habit of letting even the smallest of things get the best of you.

They say you are what you eat. Some foods just kill your libido. Regular eating of foods with a high level of Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is harmful to your sexual health. Foods bought in cans and boxes are known to contain high levels of MSG. Thus, consistent eating of junk foods such as fries makes you slothful and reduces your libido.

If over time you have grown dormant physically, your sex game is about to hit the dust. If you want to give it a new lease of life, exercising regularly is paramount. Lack of exercise reduces energy, blood flow and one’s mood for activities such as sex. A combination of poor eating and lack of exercise contributes to one being overweight which is another killer of one’s libido. Being overweight means high cholesterol, high blood pressure and an array of other medical conditions that are detrimental to your sex life.

If you want an enriching sex life that lasts as long as possible, you now know what to avoid at all cost. .

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