Self Esteem and Sexual Satisfaction: Is there a Connection?

An array of factors have an impact on how well a man or a woman experiences sexual satisfaction. Out of all the factors, could one’s self-esteem have any major say regarding degree of sexual satisfaction? Well, they say that there is nothing that makes an individual sexier than feeling sexy or comfortable in their own skin. Generally, in life, the worst thing you can do to yourself is have a negative view of your physique and abilities. A negative attitude toward yourself makes you see a cat in the mirror when in real life you could be a lion. A person in such a state of mind is overly conscious about his or her body during sex and as a result, one gets distracted from fully enjoying the sexual experience.

Research shows people with positive self-esteem tend to experience greater sexual satisfaction, regardless of factors such as body shape and weight. With a high level of self-esteem, one is not ashamed or afraid to give their all in a bid to revel in sex to the fullest. People with high self-esteem do not make excuses to shun sexual encounters and are less unenthusiastic about being seen in their birthday suits.

Unfortunately, having high sexual self-esteem is something that can only be described as “easier said than done.” Being a mental concept, self-esteem is normally a hard nut to crack for many people. Breathe a sigh of relief though. Negative esteem is something you get rid of by developing confidence in what you are and have as a human being. Also, it is essential to engage in activities that make you feel great about yourself as well as improve endurance and capacity to orgasm. Such activities include exercising and eating healthy foods. This way, you will not only enjoy sex, but also life in general.

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