Keeping the romance alive with kids in the house

Having children will change the dynamic in a relationship in the most fundamental of ways. It is no longer just you two sharing experiences and taking care of each other. Having children is a beautiful experience that will indelibly impact your life and give you many wonderful memories to share with your partner. However, having kids in the house can be an exhausting, draining time of your life. It is common for partners to let the romance ebb and die because it is seen as a low priority in comparison to the kids. This mindset could not be more damaging. You, your partner and your kids deserve a household inhabited by loving, happy partners and there are several ways you can keep the romance alive in the house after having children.

Keep regular date nights

To prevent feeling like an exhausted, dirty, housebound couple, it’s important to get out of the house sometimes, just the two of you. Dates don’t have to be elaborate, expensive affairs, the important thing is you spend your time reconnecting with each other and remembering the reasons you love their company. Instead of being mother and father, you need to keep some nights where it’s just you and your partner.

Keep your intimacy with your partner alive

It’s common for new parents to unconsciously ease up on the cuddling up, holding hands, sneaky kisses and sexual intimacy. After all, you’re exhausted being parents; however, happy couples make a happy home. Intimate couples are the happiest of couples so it’s important to regularly make physical touch, go out of your way to make sure your partner knows you think they are sexy and a turn on. Don’t let the terror of pregnancy stop sexual intimacy either as it is an essential component in the strength of your relationship.

Don’t lose who you were

Yes, being parents changes things. However, don’t let it warp the honesty, communication and mutual love that you have built up to this point. Losing the playful part of your relationship can be a deathblow to couples. Keep the best parts of your old relationship alive through silly little gifts, continual flirting, inside jokes and completely random surprises. Instead of complaining and comparing, work together to support, complement, and encourage each other. You should be your partner’s biggest fan and supporter, rather than their rival or competitor. So get rid of the scoreboard and stop keeping track.

It’s not going to be an easy task to keep your romance with your partner kicking after you have children. It’s important to realise that maintaining your relationship is a commitment that should never be forgotten. Having children is just another development that you and your partner can face head on and come out the other side more in love than ever. There might be hiccups along the way but if you remember the above steps and you both keep trying for your relationship, you’ll create a stronger relationship and be better parents too.

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