Erogenous zones which will drive your partner wild

In today’s fast paced world, we tend to rush through love making or even worse, we skip it altogether. If you want to really excite your partner, you need to perfect the slow burn approach to arousal. Stimulating every single one of your partner’s erogenous zones through massage and other techniques will prolong pleasure and build up tremendous arousal.

For him

The basics

Penis: Closer to the base of the penis responds to pressure. During foreplay, tightly encircle the base of the penis. The pressure restricts blood flow, making his erection harder and delaying orgasm. Supply friction at the head with your mouth and he’ll be experiencing immense pleasure.

Scrotum: The sensitive tissue surrounding his testicles is packed with nerve endings. You can stimulate this are by cupping, and gently massaging them with your hands or mouth.

For her

The basics

Breasts: Rest your fingertips on her sternum, and then draw light circles over the entire area to stimulate the fine touch nerves under the skin and trigger slow burn arousal. Sucking or pinching the nipples can be very pleasurable but some women may not enjoy this action.

Clitoris: One of the hottest ways to please your partner is to start with light touches on the clitoris, using your fingertips and tongue and gradually work up to a soft grinding sensation.

Vagina: Focus on her vaginal opening and the labia minor and major by lightly rubbing and kneading and rolling your tongue along her vulva.

Men and women

Behind knees and feet: The inside and outside of the ankles as well as the region behind the knees both have many nerve endings that activate some of the most intense erogenous zones on the body.

Neck: Neck stimulation (particularly the nape of the neck) by kisses or massaging sends signals to your circulatory system, increasing blood flow and overall arousal.

Inner thighs: The erogenous potential of this area is a well-kept secret. However, kissing and caressing up and down the inner thighs can ramp up men and women’s passion and lead into oral stimulation.

Ears: Having your partner trace the outer edge of your ear with their finger or tongue, and keep their mouth close when whispering something sexy is guaranteed to ignite your passions.
Lower back: Adding a sensual back massage to your foreplay repertoire can help relax your pelvis and make sex feel even better.

Lips: The lips are a goldmine of sensitive nerve endings. Kissing enhances sexual connection as partners alternate between soft sensuality and deep passionate kissing.

If you want to keep your partner satisfied and excited, it’s incredible important you treat him or her with the proper attention by lavishing them with massages and kisses to stimulate erogenous zones they never even knew existed.

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