Does Size Really Matter?

This is one of the hot-button topics when it comes to sex. Does the size of a penis matter when it comes to getting a lady to orgasm? Anyone that’s watched videos from websites such as would probably argue that it does, but does this necessarily extend to everybody’s sex life? Unquestionably, there is a great deal of women who believe that a large size is the only thing that can get them there. The question is, is this a thing of the mind or a fact? Men, chest thumping about how large or long you are, takes you nowhere. Have you ever heard of the jargon “he got game?” Well, that’s the most important aspect of man can possess during sex, not a large penis. In other words, what matters most is how well you can focus on her clit regardless of whether your penis is average, short or long. A vast majority of ladies cannot orgasm just because of having a large penis in the vagina. Orgasm emanates from stimulating the clitoris and only a man with such kind of knowledge can win it with the ladies.

As we dig deep in the topic of size, one important thing that women should remember is that they have a major role to play as far experiencing orgasm is concerned. Thus, this is the first answer to the query. The size of a penis matters less when it comes to getting a woman to orgasm. During sex, a woman’s response and communication with the partner regarding what’s working and what’s not has a direct bearing on her satisfaction level.

Also, the size of a penis is all a matter of preference. Just like men have diverse tastes regarding the size of boobs and behinds of women, ladies have their differing favorites when it comes to penis sizes. In general, the size of penises only matter to men. It’s a man versus man thing to win the locker room king with the penis size thing. Overwhelmingly, ladies fancy one that fits comfortably. More importantly, they prefer a man who knows what it takes to make her orgasm, regardless of how big his penis is.

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