Harvard University Prestige

Harvard University was established in 1636, since then it has gained itself a great deal of prestige, not to mention status. Harvard is always included in the elite Ivy League of American colleges and universities. Since it’s opening, Harvard University has always worked hard to maintain its reputation for providing excellent educations for its students, allowing them to achieve greater successes than if had graduated from other universities.


It was renamed Harvard University three years after its creation after the Reverend John Harvard left the fledgling college the then princely sum of $779 plus all of his books in his will. Right from the start the university was able to gain funding as people wanted to establish an institution good rival the best universities in Europe. Even before the end of the colonial era Harvard was establishing itself as a prestigious university.


Harvard University operates on the objective of promoting academic excellence. To that end it will only select the best staff to research and teach there, whilst been highly selective about the people it allows to study at any of its colleges. This tightly controlled selection process for the hiring of staff, and the granting of student places at Harvard University builds up and further consolidates its reputation for being an academic institution with a great deal of prestige. It is in affect a self-perpetuating circle, a virtuous circle for many people that have been linked to Harvard University, as well as for those that aim to go there in the future.


For individuals to state that they have studied, worked for, or researched at Harvard University it gives them a high degree of kudos. It is something that allows people to have the prestige of this Ivy League university reflected on to them, their past achievements as well as their potential for success in the future. Simply putting Harvard University in any capacity on your resume give you the edge if you are competing against individuals that have never been there at all. Harvard gives you prestige because it has plenty of its own.



A list of past and present staff at Harvard University makes impressive reading for anyone that knows about universities. When you consider the number of academic awards and prizes won by Harvard academics and globally renowned research associated with the university it is no wonder it is viewed as having prestige. Then you can glance at some of its most famous graduates, again an who’s who of the gifted, the famous, and the rich, plus five US presidents. If you’re thinking of applying to Harvard University, keep customwritingservice.com in mind to help with those tight essay deadlines.

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