One Night Stand – Do I Call Her

One Night Stand – Do I Call Her

Having a one night stand is good for the mind, body and soul when you need to get back to being you. A soft, warm touch, tightly holding each other, enjoying the pure feeling of living in the moment with no repercussions is what we need.

One Night StandAs the song ‘Lean On Me’ states, we all have pain and sorrow in our lives. How we deal with a fast-paced society is each and every person’s responsibility to learn to put things in perspective positively. When we are not able to cope, it’s very disastrous, sometimes on an unbelievable level.
Frustrations build up and physically compel us to have some sort of release. Many people turn to sexual pleasures for just this type of solution…and it works! Scientists have proven for years that humans need human touch, especially as infants. And it truly does continue on through our life. Of course, some more than others…so don’t judge. Lovers are solving their issues in a way that fits their way of life and are upstanding, respectable citizens.

A lot of one night stands happen after a break-up. It’s a feeling of being wanted, assuring ourselves we are worthy of being wanted. One night stands happen all the time with usually no regrets. Each person walks away with a great memory of the time spent together. She remembers how he held out his hand for hers when walking across the street. He remembers how she quickly took his hand and smiled so brightly.

Since that first hand-held moment, they never left each other’s side. They both knew how the evening would end, but dragging out the flirtation, sexy dialogue for the excitement was all part of the one night stand experience. He draws in closer for a soft kiss on the cheek, then a whisper “you look so beautiful tonight” in her ear. She takes another drink of wine and licks her lips slowly, gently biting and smiling. Her palms are very warm as she leans in close to tell him she’s ready to go. He can’t get the check fast enough as he tells the waitress ‘no dessert’!

Quick kiss as he opens the car door for her as music and singing lasts the whole way to his humble abode. Now, the real fun begins. They kiss each other, clothes come off, he picks her up and carries her to their destination for love making. Their bodies are hard and sensitive to every touch. He makes it last just for her and she releases his pain and sorrow.

One night stands happen, the key to remember is to have respect for each other. Let her know if you’re going to call her or not. And, she should reciprocate by telling her true feelings, does she want you to call her for a second encounter. Be adult human beings, be nice and respectful.

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