Do you have that male friend that like bragging about their ability to last long when it comes to sex? Men are faced with enormous pressure to last long in bed, No man wants to fall short by finishing first in the bedroom game.

So how long is sex supposed to last, how many minutes of sex is enough and how many minutes of sex is too short?

To solve this aged long question a group of researchers decided to put matters into their hands. They took a data of 500 heterosexual couples from five different countries which are United States of America, Turkey, Holland, United Kingdom and Spain.

For this study a stopwatch was used to record the time, a stopwatch was used because individuals will probably be biased if they are asked how long they last without legitimate measure. Additionally, it’s a difficult measure since individuals don’t typically gaze at the clock while having intercourse. And only penetrative sex was considered (the point of penile penetration to the point of ejaculation).

Though you will agree with me that sex is more than just inserting the penis into the vagina and ejaculating. Foreplay (kissing, rubbing and grinding) and the women reaching climax was not considered.  They decided to make the study simple and male-centric.

The result of the study revealed that on the average sex last for 5.4 minutes among all the couples. Of the 500 couples that were used in the research the duration of the sex from the point of penetration to the point of ejaculation ranges from 33 seconds to 44 minutes according to the study.

Age also played a key part in how long men last in bed, according to the study younger men last longer than their older counterparts of age 51 upward. Younger men last around 6.5 minutes and the older men 51 upward last around 4.3 minutes.

From the study, it was also found that Turkish couples enjoy the least sexual activities with a 3.7 minutes average though the duration of sex is not dependent on which part of the country or continent one comes from.

Depending on how long a guy lasts in bed, an average of 5 minutes can be good or bad. But according to a study that was held in 2008 by sex therapist in USA and Canada. Short sex last between one to two minutes, satisfactory sex last three to seven minute, desired sex last seven to ten minutes. And sex is long when it last 10 to 40 minutes.

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