Largest Poker Tournaments in History

The largest poker tournament in history is from the nine pools that comes from the World Series of Poker events.

Largest Poker Tournament

In terms of the pot available, the largest event in history was the 2006 World Series of Poster Main Event. There was over $82 million in this event. It was won by an American.

His personal takings from the event was $12 million. This tournament has been going since 1970 and it had a $10,000 buy-in from then up until 2007 when the number of players was reduced due to a legal infraction.

The second biggest prize pool for a poker tournament was in 2010 which was 68 million dollars with an American taking first prize at just under 9 million dollars. The actual biggest first prize takings was in 2012 for the World Series of Poker Event 55. This was called “The Big One for One Drop” and it resulted in an American taking home over 18 million dollars just from taking first prize.

In particular, the game played at these tournaments was the no limit hold-em version of poker. Not only were these games absolutely huge in terms of how big the pools were, but the tournaments also tended to have a large number of players so they were large in that respect too.

But not just in that respect. For example, the tournaments also tended to be huge in terms of how famous and popular they were. People from all over the world are interested in these tournaments and many of them were actually accessible through the television if you wanted to watch them.

In many cases, the events were a culmination of games that had been going on for months.

The event in 2012 actually had a buy in of 1 million dollars, which is easily one of the largest buy-ins for a poker tournament in history. This buy-in included a mandatory donation of one hundred thousand, one hundred eleven dollars that had to be donated to the One Drop foundation.

Other large tournaments included a World Series event in Macau in 2012. This event had a prize pool of over twenty-three million dollars, largely due to the fact that the buy-in was $260,000 and included and option to rebuy if you wanted.

Overall, there are a lot of tournaments out there that are going for some really high stakes, and the largest poker tournaments in the world have prizes that beggar belief. Many of them are often quite engaging to watch.

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